Providing Charity Fundraising Solutions
As the philanthropic market continues to evolve, organizations are facing numerous obstacles to meeting their mission and vision. Raising funds has become much more complex and competitive, and donors are demanding increased impact and accountability.

A new age of donor sophistication has developed with the constant flow of information through technology. It is fueling new behaviors and expectations that are causing real challenges for today’s development teams. The ability to integrate new technologies, models, and strategies are separating thriving fundraising operations from those that are struggling to meet goals. It is now more important than ever to embrace the latest practices that are driving the most successful fundraising organizations.

MPW Strategies is a full-service philanthropic investment consulting firm, providing a comprehensive suite of services that transform, impact, and advance missions. Additionally, we provide business development services to corporations that provide innovative solutions to further the impact of nonprofit organizations.

Our goal is to help you maximize your organization’s revenue, develop a more sophisticated operations, and provide innovative professional fundraising solutions. Working together with your team, MPW Strategies provides the models, approach, and systems to integrate and execute the best and latest practices helping you fulfill your mission and ultimately your vision.

MPW Strategies’ integrative models and services are highly customizable, and our approach is highly engaging, hands-on, adaptable, and steered by the notion that every organization is different and requires specialized services tailored to the unique organizational structure. Additionally, our models and systems are developed to cross through departments within an organization.