Transformational Gift Solution

Building the strategy and infrastructure to garner transformational gifts.

Transformational Investments that Reshape Your Organization


Transformational partnerships can enable significant impact within an organization through either creating new programs, propelling the organization forward to realize its mission, and or enabling the organization to secure its future by attaining sustainability.

These investments are viewed as partnerships by the donor. The donor is motivated by the opportunity to enable significant impact, stemming from a passion and desire for deep involvement, created through trust in leadership and belief in the organization’s ability to effectively execute against the investment objective.

Transformational Gift Fundraising Programs

The partnering institution needs organizational buy-in for the partnership and meeting the overall vision, understanding that it is a partnership and not a pure philanthropic gift, that there could be several expectations to be met, and the fortitude to negotiate with the donor.

MPW Strategies will develop a strategy to build the infrastructure to inspire transformational partnerships which include:

  • Organizational analysis and visioning to develop big ideas
  • Business planning for the program
  • Leadership and staff training
  • Building of the case for support
  • Proposal and pitch for development
  • Aligning staff behind idea
  • Developing financials
  • Determining benefits for investor


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